2017 Ford Installation Instructions

2017 Ford F-350|F-450|F-550 Installation Instructions

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Happy New Year! Model year, that is.

As mentioned in the post 2017 Applications, we are continuing to confirm product fits for 2017 model applications. One of the more popular SuperSprings installations is the Ford F-Series. To help with these installations, here are the applicable SuperSprings part numbers and step-by-step instructions.

2017 Ford F-450 and F-550 (Chassis Cab)

SuperSprings SSA17 or SSA26 Installation Instructions

  1. Jack up the rear of the truck. Support the rear of the truck on jack stands. Ensure daylight under the wheels – suspension in full droop.
  2. Place PSP-11 pads on the spring-plate with smooth side facing up and cross slot to the front. Position lock down assembly U-bolt as shown below right.
  3. Compress the factory overloads to clear a space for installation of the SuperSprings. Alternatively, you can remove the overload perch plastic sheaths to create more room.
  1. Insert the SuperSprings so it is resting on top of the factory overload leaf and under the perches. Remove the clamps pulling down the overloads if these were used.
  2. Push the SuperSprings forward so the front end of the SuperSprings is against the front hanger.
  1. Using an installation tool compress the back end first of the SuperSprings down so that the rear shackle legs are located just forward of the factory spring-clip and then insert the ¾”bolt with rollers plus ¾” nut. Depending on the weight configuration of the vehicle the upper or lower bolt holes can be used. The upper bolt holes as shown below are for more lift.
  1. Do the same on the front end of the SuperSprings selecting the bolt-hole in the shackle legs to give the desired lift. If necessary adjust the position of the of the rear roller to optimize the level of the truck.
  2. The front end of the SuperSprings should have ¼” to ½” clearance on the front hanger.
  3. If the plastic sheaths were removed from the overload perches they can now be reinstalled.

SuperSprings SSA22 or SSA25

For the SSA22 or SSA25 springs on the same F-450|F-550 trucks the fit is very similar to the SSA17 or SSA26 above. Pictures of the front and rear shackle positions after installation are shown in the pictures below.

Lock-down Assembly

To prevent the SuperSprings from shifting after installation we install the lock-down mechanism. These ship as part of the SuperSprings kit.

Ford F-450 | F-550 trucks use any combination of the SSA17 |22 |25 |26 SuperSprings. The lock-down mechanism u-shaped cross-plate is threaded over the upturned u-bolt installed with the PSP-11 (see pictures from step 2). It is then secured in place with 3/8” supplied nuts and washers.

2017 Ford F-350 (Chassis Cab)

SuperSprings SSA22 or SSA25 Installation Instructions

  1. Installation of the SSA22 |25 spring follows the same logic as the installation of the double bladed SSA17 |26 springs detailed above.
  1. It is important to follow this procedure to ensure that the front shackle does not end up directly below the front overload perch.
  2. Ideally it positions between the front overload perch and front spring hanger.
  3. Failure to do this could end up with damage to the redundant overload perch.

Lock-down Assembly

To prevent the SuperSprings from shifting after installation we install the lock-down mechanism. These ship as part of the SuperSprings kit.

Ford F-350 trucks uses any combination of the SSA 22 |25 SuperSprings. The lock-down mechanism is installed as described for the F-550 above.

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  1. received a 2019 f 350 ford truck with alluminum utility bed on it. loaded with tools. it has super spring over loads on it. front hanger bolt is eating on frame. and rear hanger bolt bracket is right under over load perch on truck. setting on perch. center shows no bracket holding it there. Is this wrong, or is something missing? Can I shift it back wards away from frame and off rear perch or is it on wrong side? may have to throw them away if not all there. should there be a clamp on center of spring or is it mounted to bracket under it? Don’t know parts number. truck came that way. please tell me your thoughts. PS Ford garage mechanic in Price Ford shop looked at them and said they were right. thanks Ted

    1. Hi Ted,

      There are a few factors that make a difference.

      •Is the truck a chassis cab or regular pickup?
      •Is the truck a diesel, or gas engine?
      •Is the truck 4×2, or 4×4?

      Would you be able to email me a picture or two of what you’re describing and the SuperSprings? It’d really help to get a visual.

      Peter Garcia
      [email protected]

  2. Hello. I had Supersprings on my 2015 F350 SRW, but purchased the new 2017 F350 DRW. I believe the springs will transfer from the ’15 to the ’17, BUT the PSPs will not work. Can I purchase the PSPs only for the the new 2017 ?? If so, please reply and let me know.

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