The only F-150 leveling kit built for towing.
Level up. Stay there.
With adjustable shocks for up to 2 inches of front lift and rear SumoSprings, this kit has been designed to level your truck and keep you there when you're loaded up or towing.
This is only leveling kit built to keep you level, even with a load.
A brand new shock built to replace the OEM component. You can keep the factory ride height or add a 2" inch lift to the front of the truck.
The proven airbag alternative with no lines, no leaks, and no maintenance. The SSR-146-40 in this kit has a 1,000 lb load capacity when compressed at 50%.
The JBS front shocks feature a twin-tube steel body design which allows for the highest performance while creating the highest level of comfort that a monotube cannot match. Plus they come in signature SuperSprings International blue.

We've built and pre-tuned these shocks with damper valving that is engineered for loaded and unloaded payloads. The JBS shock runs at lower pressures than mono-tube shocks, so there is far less energy buildup, a smoother and softer ride, particularly on poor or uneven roads. The simplicity of this design allows for top performance with no external reservoir canisters. This is our approach to all our suspension - simple design with better control both on and off road whether loaded or unloaded.

This front JBS shock let's you chose to keep your factory ride height, or level the front of your F-150 with the removable leveling spacer. This we built from aluminum to resist corrosion.
Our initial release will fit the 2015-present 4WD Ford F-150s. This kit will not work on the Raptor model. We're also working on adding the 2WD version of this kit, as well as other vehicle leveling kits.
This is a leveling kit designed for F-150 owners who want to level their truck for more clearance and/or to add bigger wheels and tires. It's also the right option to keep a level stance even when you tow a boat, trailer, RV or load up throughout the year.
Q & A
Can I run bigger wheels and tires with this kit?
YES! With a shock that is adjustable to give you 2 inches of lift in the front, we're comfortable in saying you could run a 33 inch tire without any rubbing.
Will the new front shocks change ride comfort?
We've built this kit to improve ride comfort at the front of the vehicle, while keeping your factory ride in the rear. This kit will really excel when you're loaded up with a full bed or towing. The SumoSprings will provide load-leveling support as well as vibration reduction and sway control.
Is this kit going to affect my unloaded ride?
No. The SumoSprings won't affect your unloaded ride since they'll sit about 1/2" disengaged until you go to load up. At which point you'll realize what you've been missing this whole time.
Can I buy just the shocks?
Currently, no. We'll be selling this leveling kit as a full solution - front and rear only.