Not a Burger and Fries, but Still the Perfect Combo

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SuperSprings International Presents; The Combo Kit!

Here at SuperSprings International, we love to embrace our tribe mentality. All for one and one for all, where each team member looks out for the next. We believe in relaying that same sentiment in the solutions we offer to help solve your suspension challenges. The intentionally-designed ease and simplicity of each installation is one way we do this, but what about the way in which you choose how to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension? To continue to improve this effort we are excited to present; The Combo Kit!

What is a Combo Kit?

The famous “burger and fries” will never be rivaled when talking combos. Animal Style for me please! However, the SuperSprings International Combo Kits could be just as satisfying when all is said and done. You see, automotive suspension is a holistic system where the front end works in conjunction with the rear end.

“The idea is to upgrade each corner of the vehicle to achieve the best possible improvement. That’s the reasoning for finding something for both the front and rear,” said Mark Jutson, SuperSprings International Technical Support Manager.  

The front suspension is forgotten about much too often. This is understandable since most weight applied to a vehicle, no matter the type, is in the rear. Our new Combo Kits remind us all that the love applied (and sometimes load) should be evenly distributed throughout the chassis. To start, we’ve created Combo Kits that include a front and rear solution for some of our most popular vehicle applications.

These vehicles include:

                • F53 Class A (GVWR 16k-26k)

                • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500

                • Ram ProMaster 2500 and 3500                                              

                • Ford Transit 350

                • Ford F-150

Why a Combo Kit?

The various teams of SuperSprings International put their heads together to combine research, experience, and suggestions from our valued supporters like you to devise several Combo Kits that will produce the most effective outcomes. Why you say? Well, although we pride ourselves on the ability to offer multiple styles and densities, we understand it could be a bit difficult to choose which is best for YOU. Our continuous efforts to inform and deliver on expectations to facilitate the decision-making process is always high on the priority list, so this is one more way we hope to be helpful. Our teams have carefully hand-picked and paired certain front and rear kits that we feel will be the best option for your journey. Considering the factors listed earlier, we’ve put these Combo Kits together so you can feel confident in your choice the first time, every time.

Choosing Your Combo Kit

Now that you have a bit more information on what a Combo Kit is and why they were created, it’s time to select the one for you! The vehicle lookup at the top of every page on our website (Shout out to Matt!) is the best way to get started. Simply select the year, make, model and drivetrain of your vehicle and we’ll show you what is available. All front and rear options will display, along with the Combo Kits when available. If you’re looking for an F53 Class A, select this option in “Popular Vehicles” and follow the same steps as previously mentioned. Do you have a vehicle that we don’t currently offer a Combo Kit for, but you feel we should? Thanks to your support, feedback and insight, we’re always looking for more ways to include you as a member of our tribe. Send us a message and share your thoughts! As always, we are here to hear.

Order your perfect combo today!

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