Looking forward to 2017

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Another new year

I like this time of year. It is a time we cannot avoid reflection. Whether retreating with family, remembering loved ones, or reminiscing over childhood memories, the end of one year and beginning of another encourages us to reflect.

Page 2016 turns to 2017 with a lot of momentum

SumoSprings continue to prove themselves a leader in the air spring arena and SuperSprings remain the go-to choice for carrying level loads. 2016 leaves us with more than 40 SuperSprings configurations and more than 13,000 unique applications using SumoSprings, SuperCoils, SuperSway-Stops, and other suspension solutions. This year, SuperSprings has seen the continued expansion of innovative suspension solutions. Trailer SumoSprings, recently released, are the first of their kind and revolutionize driver control and trailer stability.

Looking forward to 2017

SuperSprings and I have some serious expectations for 2017. Look for the continued expansion and betterment of our product line, new innovative products, and a call for even better service to our customers. Our motivation is simple: our customers. Thank you for encouraging us to work harder, think smarter, and use our creativity, ingenuity, and experience to continue to innovate.

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