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Are you asking yourself, “Why did SuperSprings change their website again? Are they an aspiring web design business?” You may have heard us say, “We are in the people business.” Our first goal, our measure of success as a business, is customer service. We don’t make these comments halfheartedly. We truly care what our customers have to say, what they think about our products, and what their experience was/is interacting with us. So, if you did ask yourself that question (I doubt it), the answer is no; we are not an aspiring web design business. 


I want to answer the first part of the question, why we changed our website… again. If you thought the question was rhetorical, I can honestly say I am not surprised. Most of our staff have become familiar with people calling in and asking for help navigating our web site, help finding an application, asking questions our website should answer, or complaining about how difficult it was to use our website. Let’s be honest; there is no perfect website. This new website is not a perfect website. Everyone has their own opinion of what works best on a website. It is very subjective. Isn’t it? Bearing in mind our commitment to serving you, our customer, we set out to design a website consistent with your requests. Further, there are certain “standards” we put into place, to better accommodate your visit to our website.


Here are some of the details about our website upgrade:

  • Clear and clickable contact information on the footer of every page
  • A contact form for quick sending of messages and questions
  • RSS Feed to view posts
  • Navigation menu sticks to the top of every page

Super Features

In addition to the clean design and standard features listed above, we have added some super features:

 A New Website | The same SuperSprings

If you would like more information about our website, please contact us. It may be a new website, but we are the same SuperSprings. We are committed to serving you better! If you have any questions or comments, never hesitate to e-mail or call – or, post a message in our new forums!

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