The percent of original height that a SumoSpring can compress

Are You Overloading Your SumoSpring?

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Let’s be honest, people are overloading their vehicles. Maybe you’re wondering how much SumoSprings can compress and what, if any, impact there might be if you are overloading your SumoSprings. This article will explain what we suggest for compressing each of the SumoSprings densities and why that’s important.

SumoSprings Compression Progressive Spring Rate Curve

How much can my SumoSprings compress?

It’s important to remember that SumoSprings are not a primary suspension solution. They’ve been designed and engineered to work in concert with your factory suspension. With that, each density and type of SumoSpring should also only be compressed to a specific percentage of its original height. For blue SumoSprings, that’s 70% – for black SumoSprings, it’s 60% – and for yellow SumoSprings, it’s 55%.

Blue SumoSpring Compression
Black SumoSpring Compression
Yellow SumoSpring Compression

What happens if I overload my SumoSprings?

So, for example, if you have a blue 5 inch spring, the maximum recommended compression would be 70% — or compressed 3 inches. This will allow the spring to rebound fully with no impact on its structure. Overloading them beyond these ratings could potentially cause internal damage. 

Are you overloading your SumoSprings?

If you see that your SumoSprings are compressing more than the recommended percentages, give us a call so we can help you look at alternative solutions. There are times when you may need a different density or type of SumoSpring

Check out this video where, Adam Weisner our President, explains what happens if you overload them.

Use our application guide to see what we have for your vehicle.

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