Coachmen RV is no stranger to the product suite of SuperSprings International. Currently, every single Class B van that leaves the Coachmen facility in Middlebury Indiana comes with our suspension front and rear, as standard. Additionally, certain Class A gas motorhomes built on the F53 chassis use our SuperSprings steel solution.

With that said, Luke Handyside, National Sales Manager for the Class C division at Coachmen, has made the decision to build select Freelander, Leprechaun, and Cross Trail XL models with SuperSprings International products front and rear as standard, starting September 2021.

"What we found with SuperSprings International
totally blew us away... and that's pretty hard to do!"

When asked why he made the decision to change the existing suspension package, Luke told us that, “the reason [they] started looking at new suspension systems was to see if [they] could improve on the user’s driving experience even more than [they] already have.” Luke went on to say that the Coachmen was the first OEM to offer an upgraded suspension system with airbags on a Class C motorhome. He noted that “Coachmen has a history of leading with industry firsts” and pointed to examples such as the Azdel composite sidewalls and CrossFlex roof material. “What we found with SuperSprings International totally blew us away though, and that’s pretty hard to do!” Luke added.

While each division operates as it’s own unique business unit, when one division finds a solution that changes the game, word gets out. This is what happened at Coachmen, with Nick Recchio in the Class B segment making the suggestion for Luke to give us a call. In Luke’s words, “since they were having a lot of success with it, we decided to test them on our Class C motorhomes and quickly realized the handling and performance benefits over the air bag system, not to mention the reliability.”

"tremendous improvement in reliability..."

There’s a reason customers come to Coachmen RV; they have become synonymous with the highest quality and “industry best ride” as Luke would put it. “With significant improvements to handling, and a smoother ride that self-adjusts as you drive” Luke argues that SuperSprings International suspension provides a, “tremendous improvement in reliability... [since they] are truly maintenance free. No more filling air bags, checking air pressure, or adjusting for the perfect ride, just forget about all of that and enjoy the journey.”

We couldn’t say it any better.

Every Coachmen Class C Motorhome fitted with SuperSprings International
suspension products will include the custom badging as shown here.