Speaking about the new website experience and application guide, Tom Bateman, SSI's Creative Director stated, "We believe in creating better journeys and that starts from the moment you interact with us. Whether it’s social media, a phone call, or our brand-new website application guide, we’re on a mission to change and positively affect people's experiences. I’m so pleased with how this came together and the team effort that made it possible. Nothing we do happens in a vacuum and our new application guide is a big win for the whole team.”

SuperSprings International continues to release updates and grow their marketing efforts, from the new self-published magazine release in July to a new business-to-business website experience planned for release in October 2021.

About SuperSprings International
Incorporated in 1996, SuperSprings International (SSI) suspension solutions, used domestically and internationally, are manufactured at facilities throughout the U.S. and assembled at its headquarters in Carpinteria, California. SSI products are used as standard equipment in multiple industries including RV and commercial segments, and have applications for recreational vehicles including trucks, trailers, class A, B, & C motorhomes, Jeeps, and SUVs. SSI’s products include patented self-adjusting steel auxiliary springs, micro-cellular polyurethane springs, coil insert springs, replacement steel coil springs, overload stops, and installation tools. SuperSprings International has locations in California and Idaho. Additional information about SSI, its products, and press releases can be found at