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November 30, 2016 at 5:54 pm #5023269959

I would like to hear an answer as well.
I bought a set last year for my lifted Ram 2500 and didnt think before purchasing, because of the lift i had, they would not engage.

As far as your down travel, your options may be vehicle specific, but i thought the Solo line was only a bump stop type of unit. So your down travel would only be dependent on your suspension setup. The Maximum line looks as if it’s connected at both ends, so it will expand by 50% of its size. It will also give you max load support compressed at 50% as well. Then there’s the Rebel model that is attached at both ends, but seperate in the middle so, again your down travel would be endless, only limited by your existing suspension.

I see timbren has a offfering for some lifted applications, however you lose alot of travel when the only difference between the 2 product models is a solid metal spacer or metal drop.

I would like to see an offering from Sumo Spring that lets you retain your additional uptravel you gained from the lift, but in a way that you don’t bottom that out unless your payload is maxed out. In other words create a longer sumo spring for said vehicle without adding a hard stop in there until that vehicles travel is supoose to be done traveling. I think this could be easily done by just using a longer mold for the sumo spring material. Maybe add an additional bellow (ring) for each inch you go up in height.

It would be nice to hear from a rep on this type of stuff. Otherwise a forum on a product site is rather useless..