Reply To: I can’t determine from the application page whether I need the yellow or black.

December 5, 2016 at 9:29 am #5023269997
Alex Hodschayan

The rear Maxim kits (part numbers ending -1) cannot be used on Sprinters with a 2″ lift block (I will add a note to the Application Guide as it does not specify this). A lot of the motor homes are built on Sprinters that have this block. The most popular SumoSprings for coach Sprinters is the SSR-338-47 (works with or without the block). If your coach does not have the 2″ block, you could use the SSR-336-47-1. I would not use the -54 unless it was for commercial use, or you had a lot of extra weight and something in tow. For the front, I would use the -40 blue kit, SSF-106-40. Hope this helps; let me know.