Reply To: I can’t determine from the application page whether I need the yellow or black.

May 6, 2019 at 2:07 pm #5023293071

Hi T.J., Sorry, I’m still confused. I also have a Winnebago Navion/View, which (along with most Class C Sprinter RV’s) is generally near maximum GVWR for a Sprinter 3500 Chassis when packed for travel (including any tow hitch weight). That would indicate to me that the yellow SumoSprings would be the most appropriate for Class C Sprinter RVs. Are there other considerations that are factored in other than weight of the vehicle? You mention “commercial use”? Not sure what that means. Is there a downside (other than maybe a firmer ride) to installing the yellow rather than the black? Like, could it increase roll or sway? Thanks for your insights.