SumoSprings Part Number SSR-117-47
SumoSprings SSR-117-47 Top View
SumoSprings SSR-117-47 Front View
SumoSprings SSR-117-47 Bottom View
SumoSprings SSR-117-47 Angle View


$280.99Ships in 5-7 weeks

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  • Sold as a pair (left and right)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Enhances load carrying ability
  • 1500 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression
  • Reduces and stabilizes sway
  • Improves overall driver control and ride comfort
  • Compress up to 80% of original height with full memory rebound
  • One-piece unit attached on one side used as a replacement/upgrade to factory bump stops
  • progressive spring rate with superior damping properties
  • Made from patented micro-cellular urethane
  • Will not leak or rupture
  • Never load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s GVWR

Customer Reviews

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David Erhart
2020-07-24 17:35:57

This is a follow up to my June 26 review. Mark Jutson Sale and Support Manger reached out to me about my fit up issue. Mark sent me the mounting bracket for the SSR-116-47 (2 wheel drive). Once I swapped the mounts out I had 1 inch of clearance between the axel and the sumo spring unloaded as advertised. My unloaded ride on paved roads has now returned to normal. On gravel back country roads you can feel the the axel contacts the sumo spring but this is not enough to worry about. I just completed a 2000 mile trip with my fifth wheel on both interstate and country roads (very bumpy) in ID, MT, ND, and SD. The sumo springs worked like a champ whole time towing under all conditions. My recommendation is for anyone ordering sumo springs to measure the unloaded distance between our vehicles axle and the frame and contact sumo spring BEFORE placing your order. Mark was very helpful in straightening out my problem after the fact, but I could have help myself in advance. This installation is on a 2014 F-150 ecoboost. I tow a Winnebago Micro-Mini 5th wheel with a hitch weight of 1,060 lbs.

David Erhart
2020-06-26 15:29:53

This installation was on a 2014 F-150. I tow a Winnebago Micro-Mini 5th wheel with a hitch weight of 1,060 lbs. I purchased the SSR-117-47 spring Frame to axle stock was 7.5 inches. The Sumo springs without the spacer lifted my PU 0.5 inches. The Sumo springs are always in contact with the axle so my ride has greatly changed. As I am an outdoorsman and travel on a lot of gravel roads fishing and hunting, I will have to remove the Sumo springs when I am not using the trailer as the ride is totally unbearable on any unpaved road. As for using the Sumo springs with the 5th wheel, when loaded the springs compress 0.5 inches to a axle to frame distance of 7.5 inches (ie stock) The ride with the camper is very stable and there is no excessive bounce. The springs perform very well when loaded. In my research of this product it is advertised that there is a 1 inch gap between the sumo spring and the frame to allow for a comfortable ride. That is not true and is the reason for my poor review.

Hugues Goupil
2019-07-08 06:15:00

I put them on my new 2019 F150 to tow my fifth wheel and I'm very pleased with them so far!! They level the truck and the way they are working is awesome!!

Product Specifications

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 8.25 × 4.25 in
Application(s) Summary

Ford F-150 4 X 4 (2009-2021)