SumoSprings Part Number SSR-216-40
SumoSprings SSR-216-40 Top View
SumoSprings SSR-216-40 Side View
SumoSprings SSR-216-40 Front View
SumoSprings SSR-216-40 Bottom View
SumoSprings SSR-216-40 Bracket Spacer


$261.99Ships in 6-8 weeks

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  • Sold as a pair (left and right)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Enhances load carrying ability
  • 1000 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression
  • Reduces and stabilizes sway
  • Improves overall driver control and ride comfort
  • Compress up to 80% of original height with full memory rebound
  • Two-piece unit attached on top and bottom using separate male and female pieces allows unlimited travel
  • progressive spring rate with superior damping properties
  • Made from patented micro-cellular urethane
  • Will not leak or rupture
  • Never load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s GVWR

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Product Specifications

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in
Application(s) Summary

Chevrolet Colorado 4 X 2 (2016-2021) ; Chevrolet Colorado 4 X 4 (2016-2021) ; GMC Canyon 4 X 2 (2016-2021) ; GMC Canyon 4 X 4 (2016-2021)