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Since you're here, add the front solution too.

  • Coil SumoSprings Part Number CSS-1195
Total Price: $559.98

Rear SumoSprings are a maintenance-free suspension enhancement built to create a better journey. Handmade from micro-cellular polyurethane, they are designed to reduce rear-end sag and increase load carrying ability while decreasing vibration, stabilizing sway, and softening harsh rebounds.

The SSR-313-54 has a 2,800 lb capacity when compressed at 50%. The Yellow SumoSprings shouldn’t be compressed past 55% of their original height in order to keep full memory rebound.

Louise Pesano
2023-03-08 09:17:32

The entire process from ordering through final delivery was seamless

Stan K
2022-08-23 15:01:32

It Works. Ride improved. I was skeptical. Cost is Worth it. Noticed softer, but firm cushioned ride immediately.

2022-05-12 12:51:12

Good, good stuff. Very noticeable improvement in our Promaster 3500!

2022-05-12 12:39:29

Springs showed up within 3 days not 2 weeks as expected. Nicely done! Installation took me about 2 hours. Install was easy. We took the van on a 300 mile road trip the next week. Trip included driving in heavy cross winds (15-25 mph) and one encounter with a dust devil at 70 mph. Winds were noticeable however the handling was always solid. My wife does most of the driving due to her propensity for car sickness. She loves driving the van and was very happy with the springs performance. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a bit more firmness in ride and handling. Well worth the money especially since DIY is very easy.

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Product Specifications

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 8.25 × 4.25 in
Application(s) Summary

RAM ProMaster 1500 4 X 2 (2014-2023) ; RAM ProMaster 2500 4 X 2 (2014-2023) ; RAM ProMaster 3500 4 X 2 (2014-2023)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



2800 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression