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  • SumoSprings Part Number SSR-610-40
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Rear SumoSprings are a maintenance-free suspension enhancement built to create a better journey. Handmade from micro-cellular polyurethane, they are designed to reduce rear-end sag and increase load carrying ability while decreasing vibration, stabilizing sway, and softening harsh rebounds. 

The SSR-610-40 has a 1,000 lb capacity when compressed at 50%. The Blue SumoSprings shouldn’t be compressed past 70% of their original height in order to keep full memory rebound.

Delfin Alega
2023-04-04 09:36:30

Easy installation that works great with a gooseneck hitch. If they last I’ll be happy…

2023-04-04 09:10:03

Great fit and easy installation at a great price. Attach a trailer, load it heavy, and go with little to no sag. All my trucks in my business will have these installed.

Craig Hill
2023-02-23 08:32:44

Easy install, great from sales to deliver!

Robert Hays
2023-02-03 09:07:33

Very easy install and works great

2023-01-19 03:10:46

Extremely easy to install on my 2011 Nissan Frontier 4x4. I lifted the bed by placing a jack under the tow hitch and that gave me plenty of room to install the sumo springs. Once I let the bed down, there was no clearance between the frame and sumo springs, but it does not seem to have affected the ride much. It does look like it raised the back end maybe an inch or so compared to before the install. I did hook up the travel trailer and the Sumo springs did their job and kept the truck from squatting as much as it did before.

Jeffrey Haar
2022-10-25 10:52:10

Installation was straight forward, took about an hour per the instructions provided. Springs are in place with about a quarter inch clearance on a truck with a Shell and 200 lbs gear in place. Have not towed with them yet.

Paul Nguyen
2022-10-11 16:34:38

Just what I needed for towing

Sean Praefke
2019-01-05 06:30:30

I totally agree with the above post. I own a 2012 4x Tundra and yes unfortunately ride quality suffers when the bed is empty. Was doing the sand bag trick until I could afford a shell. Then found the SUMOs and have been scratching my head ever since. Why haven't the truck manufacturers of vehicles Toyota Ford etc.... been using these. I have been in the industry for over 20 years and know the rear of these trucks are setup like a baby buggy and have not progressed since the early 1900s ~ WTF? These have been on my truck for the last year and i no longer feel like Im driving a truck. Nice to know I can drive a truck with comfort now. HATS OFF TO SUMOs ~ innovation above the masters

Adam Weisner
2018-11-03 15:08:55

Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed feedback! We are so glad to know you’re loving your SumoSprings!! Adam Weisner Chief Operating Officer

GM Guinouard
2018-11-03 13:33:34

Awesome. If I had only one word to describe SuperSprings SumoSpring product line that is the word. Fortnately, I can us a lot more words here in this review. I have made several upgrades to my 2012 Tacoma Sport 4x4 (stock suspension) and this is by far the single best upgrade I've made to my truck. As all truck owners know, trucks have poor ride quality unless they're loaded with a few hundred pounds of cargo. That's how and why they are designed. Most of us however, drive around with an unloaded truck. My Tacoma Sport has a firm but smooth ride by design but while the front is well behaved the back end is choppy going over pot holes, man hole covers, washboard etc. when empty. Until now that is. After the SumoSpring installation the truck feels like it's loaded even when it's empty. The rear suspention absorbs bumps and dips like the front end. They also stabilize the truck side to side when cornering hard similar to an anti-sway bar. The truck handles in a much more balanced and predictive way. I just returned from a thousand mile road trip that covered freeway, city, and four wheeling in the back country. It didn't seem to affect the off-roading in any significant way that I could tell. It was the most comfortable drive of any pickup, SUV I've ever driven or been a passenger in other than a highend luxury boat not suitable for heavy hauling or off-roading. I can say with certainty that I will install SumoSprings on every future truck/suv I purchase. One last thing, I took a friend for a five minute drive around his neighborhood in my truck. He was so impressed he immediately ordered a set for his Ford truck. If you do a lot of different things with your truck like I do, loaded, unloaded, road trips and off roading do yourself a favor and purchase a set that fits your truck.

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Product Specifications

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 7.25 × 4.5 in
Application(s) Summary

Nissan Frontier 4 X 2 (2005-2015) ; Nissan Frontier 4 X 4 (2005-2015) ; Nissan Titan 4 X 2 (2004-2015) ; Nissan Titan 4 X 4 (2004-2015) ; Toyota Tacoma 4 X 4 (2005-2015) ; Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 4 X 2 (2005-2022) ; Toyota Tundra 4 X 2 (2000-2021) ; Toyota Tundra 4 X 4 (2000-2021) ; Toyota Hilux 4 X 2 (2005-2015) ; Toyota Hilux 4 X 4 (2005-2015) ; Toyota Hilux Vigo 4 X 2 (2005-2015) ; Toyota Hilux Vigo 4 X 4 (2005-2015) ; Mitsubishi Triton 4 X 2 (2019-2021) ;Mitsubishi Triton 4 X 4 (2019-2021)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



1000 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression