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Rear SumoSprings are a maintenance-free suspension enhancement built to create a better journey. Handmade from micro-cellular polyurethane, they are designed to reduce rear-end sag and increase load carrying ability while decreasing vibration, stabilizing sway, and softening harsh rebounds. 


The SSR-623-40 has a 1400 lb capacity when compressed at 50%. The Blue SumoSprings shouldn’t be compressed past 70% of their original height in order to keep full memory rebound.


Kenny Robinson
2023-05-23 09:23:44

Very easy install

Eric MIlano
2023-03-14 09:28:57

Very good product easy install work as advertised. I also had sumos on a Tacoma wonderful product.

Matthew Madden
2022-11-08 15:42:12

Great product. Fast shopping. Straight forward install

Mike Mikac
2022-10-17 12:32:58

Fast shipping and great feedback of shipping stages.

Justin Morgan
2022-10-11 16:52:31

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to try them out. I am looking to soften out the hits when my shocks are are almost fully compressed.

Vincent Lo
2022-05-31 16:28:11

Very nice product and smooth ride. Easy to install when you have the right tools. For the fronts, I needed to purchase a large pipe wrench to remove the OEM ones. Highly recommended.

Roger Greaser
2021-03-11 19:14:11

I would like to first make it be known that super springs customer service is top notch. We had an issue with shipping and they immediately took care of the issue. Installation of the sumo springs on a 2021 4runner was very simple. I was able to try them out today and they seem to perform well. They still allow my suspension to articulate when off roading but definitely helps with stabilizing the ride when hauling my cargo trailer. The only concern I have is that the sumo spring didn't line up perfectly with the axle, it just didn't have enough adjustment to get it perfectly lined up. I honestly dont think this will be an issue though.

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Product Specifications

Weight 6.00 lbs
Dimensions 11.00 × 8.00 × 8.00 in
Application(s) Summary

Toyota 4Runner 4 X 2 (2003-2023) ; Toyota 4Runner 4 X 4 (2003-2023) ; Toyota FJ Cruiser 4 X 4 (2007-2014) ; Toyota Landcruiser 100 4 X 4 (1998-2007) ; Toyota Landcruiser 120 Prado 4 X 2 (2003-2009) ; Toyota Landcruiser 120 Prado 4 X 4 (2003-2009) ; Toyota Landcruiser 150 Prado 4 X 4 (2010-2021) ; Toyota Sequoia 4 X 2 (2001-2007) ; Toyota Sequoia 4 X 4 (2001-2007) ; Lexus GX460 4 X 2 (2010-2021) ; Lexus GX460 4 X 4 (2010-2021) ; Lexus GX470 4 X 2 (2003-2009) ; Lexus GX470 4 X 4 (2003-2009) ; Lexus LX470 4 X 2 (1998-2007) ; Lexus LX470 4 X 4 (1998-2007)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



1400 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression