SumoSprings for 2017 Ford Super Duties

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SuperSprings International, Inc. (Carpinteria, California) has manufactured a SumoSprings Solo Kit for the new 2017 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks. The SSR-114-47/54, for 1999-2016 Super Duties, are SumoSprings Solo kits designed to replace and upgrade original equipment bump stops. Why did SuperSprings manufacture the new SSR-127-47/54 after offering the same kit for seventeen years? Ford made an impactful change in the frame structure of the 2017 Super Duty trucks.

“With past models, the frame contained a lip, an indent, where the O.E. bump stop was placed. In 2017 models, the frame has more of a straight, rectangular shape, making bracket attachments no longer necessary,” said Chad Bussanich, Engineer at SuperSprings International, Inc. “This simple change has made one of the biggest differences in the SumoSprings Solo Kit. A benefit in the SSR-127 is the ability to adjust the point of engagement utilizing spacers. This is something people can customize specifically for their application,” explained Chad.

The SSR-127 kits come with all hardware necessary for installation, including spacers: a one-inch spacer and two half-inch spacers for each spring. The included spacers accommodate several variations depending on application.

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  1. I have a ’99 Ford F 450 w/ 10pack rear leaf and Dana 135rear diff. (Essentially a F 550 )l am interested in Sumospring that attaches top and bottom. What is available load rating, and how much do they cost? Also my Ford is cab and chassis so straight frame rails!

    1. Hi Galen, thanks for checking out our blog. For a 1999 Ford F-450, I would recommend SuperSprings. Depending on your application, we have capacities ranging from 1500 lb all the way up to 6600 lb. I’d suggest e-mailing or calling our technical support team. They can gather info on what is loaded onto the truck and what your ride preferences are, and make a solid recommendation. [email protected] or call (805) 745-5553.

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