SumoSprings Solo for Ford Transit Vans

SumoSprings for Transit van applications

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SuperSprings International, Inc. (Carpinteria, California) announced the rear SumoSprings Solo Kit as a replacement/upgrade for the Ford Transit bump stop. The SSR-121 ships with two included spacers: 0.5” and 1.0”. These spacers allow the SSR-121 to be purchased, sold, and easily installed as one kit on all Transit models. The added height of the SSR-121 SumoSprings Kit results in earlier and smoother engagement, reduced sway, and provides greater ride comfort and control.

“These service vans are used in a large variety of industries. I’m excited to share a product that is easily installed, provides enhanced ride quality, reduces sag caused by heavy loads, and improves safety,” said Mike V., president, SuperSprings International, Inc.

The varying SumoSpring densities (-40, -47, and -54) provide progressive spring rates for the various loads these vehicles carry.

“I was completely blown away with how much more stable the vehicle feels on the road and just how much safer it feels to drive,” said Jimmy B, Transit fleet driver, Rockford Fosgate.

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  1. Hi
    I need 2 replacement front springs for a 2013 Ford Transit Custom
    This van is sagging at the front and wearing tyres out quickly.

    Do you make some? – there must be other van drivers out there needing similar parts?

    cheers Steve

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for the checking out our site and products. We do not currently offer a heavy duty replacement front coil spring, what we call SuperCoils. We do offer Coil SumoSprings that can be used on the front of the Transit and provide up to a 30% increase in coil capacity, We also replace the rear bump stop with SumoSprings to provide additional load support and stability. Send an email to [email protected] with some more specifics about your van (what it is used for and what deficiencies you’d like remedied). I am sure we can work with you to find a solution.

  2. Transit 350 HD GVWR 10360. Which Sumosprings would be required. This is a Motothome built by Thor. I cant set the filters to pick the size from the web site. Would both front and back be required?

    1. Hey Sam, Thanks for the comment and reading our blog. We have had great feedback from other Class B and C – Transit chassis – RV owners. I would recommend the SSR-121-54 for the rear and CSS-1195 for the front. Yes, I would suggest front and rear. Check out the post “The Forgotten Front Suspension,” for details why I suggest this on your RV.

  3. I own a 2017 Winnebago Fuse chassis mounted on a 2017 Ford Transit. It rides very low to the ground. Neither Ford or Winnebago has an answer to raise the frame 2 or more inches. Will Sumo Springs provide more height so I don’t continue to drag on dips in the road, etc?

    1. Hi Jim, your question is very common among Fuse owners. The answer is two fold. 1) SumoSprings are not lift kits, so no, we are not “lifting” your frame, but 2) SumoSprings are progressive springs that provide load support, eliminating sag. Your Fuse is weighting on the leaf spring assembly, turning an elliptical spring pack (a smiley face) into a straight line or frown. The SumoSprings will act as a secondary spring, bearing some of the weight, eliminating some of the sag, resulting in what you are referring to as “lift.” Other Fuse owners have reported 1″ to 2″ of sag eliminated, but it will vary depending on the age of your spring pack, miles put on them, weight in the RV, and other factors. I would recomend (if you are not already a member) joining a private Facebook group community of Fuse owners, and polling them about their SumoSprings’ experience. Feel free to hit the Intercom button on the bottom right of the screen to chat with me or leave me a message for more information (make sure to provide your e-mail when prompted). Appreciate you checking us out!

  4. Hello
    Do you have any dealers in the uk for these, I own a ford transit custom trend 290 2.2d uk spec what sort of kit would you recommend ?

  5. Hello John,

    I will look into dealers in the UK for you. Is there somewhere specific you are hoping to find some? In the mean time, would you be able to email me a couple pictures of the set-up of the suspension to your Ford Transit? If so, please email me at [email protected].

    Thanks John!

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