SuperCoils® are heavy duty replacement coil springs, designed to remedy sagging and overworked original equipment front and rear suspension coil springs. SuperCoils have a linear/constant spring rate consistent with other coil springs. SuperCoils actually replace original equipment, different from SuperSprings or SumoSprings that work in conjunction with and enhance original equipment.
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Coil springs will sag over time after repeated use. Eventually, the load carrying ability of any coil spring will reduce, presenting the need for a replacement.


Whether your springs are sagging because of age or because of added specialty equipment (snow plow, bumper, winch, etc.), SuperCoils upgrade your suspension.


SuperCoils are similar to traditional coil springs. The difference is in the high quality steel and coil structure, making them a heavy duty and long term solution.


SuperCoils provide an easy and maintenance-free lift solution. SuperCoils can be installed in under two hours and are backed by the SuperSprings warranty.

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