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It has almost been one year since launched with improved website standards and super features. Now, 2.0 is here! Don’t worry; not much has changed, although a lot has! All of the same great tools, like the interactive guides and resources, are still in the same place.

Here is what HAS changed

Navigation is the largest change. The main menu has been simplified and enhanced. Scroll down on any page and a secondary menu bar will appear so you can quickly jump to the application guide or contact form.

A handful of technical and code related changes to enhance load times and things that make the site work better for you.

For those of you who added something to your cart, and wondered, “where is my cart?” Wonder no more! Click the cart icon in the menu and a fly-out canvas will appear showing you what is in your cart and allowing you to modify your order or checkout.

Our site is an opportunity to engage: use the contact form and other forms; we welcome your comments, questions, and reviews in our online forums; you can also comment here on the blog; or, leave a review on a product page.

We want you to get to where you are headed faster. So, the homepage has been redesigned and features three simple buttons to start: search by year | make | model, login or register for an account, and a yellow arrow to scroll down to learn more.

What has NOT changed

The Interactive Guides may look slightly different, but they function just the same. Same with the product pages and resources. All of the page structure, links, etc. remain the same. Your existing account remains the same. Enjoy the site, all the same.

Questions or comments?

Please comment below with any questions or comments!

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