How to use the SuperSprings Interactive Guides

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Find more than a year, make, or model

The Interactive Guides can be used to find your specific year, make, and model – just like any other drop down product finder tool. But, the guides are so much more! What if you want to see a group of applications, not a specific unique application? Do you want to print out an application guide of vehicles you build? Would it help to have a price sheet of the items you install? The Interactive Guides were created to provide helpful information and direct you to the appropriate part number, for all of these scenarios and more.


If you want to use the guides’ drop downs as a simple way of locating appropriate part numbers, use them the same as any other product finder tool.


If you want to learn how to make the most of the guides, and use some of the advanced features, check out these videos for some tips and tricks.

Application Guide

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Make & Model Guide

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Product Guide

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