SumoSprings vs Airbags vs Rubber Bump Stop

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You’re going to upgrade your suspension and fix the sagging vibration and body roll in your vehicle. You’ve got options, but do you have the answers? Here’s a little insight on what makes SumoSprings different from airbags and other bump stop replacements. Let’s look at the key differences between SumoSprings, airbags and rubber bump stops. What makes SumoSprings different? SumoSprings are not rubber and they’re not airbags. This …

Can Your Airbags Do This?

Can your airbags do this?

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SumoSprings Facts: SumoSprings are maintenance-free. SumoSprings do not require an air compressor or any other accessories. SumoSprings do not crack or leak. SumoSprings Rebel kits allow full axle articulation. SumoSprings Rebel kits do not restrict vertical wheel travel. Airbag Facts: Airbags are not maintenance-free. Airbags require an air compressor. Uncared for airbags crack and leak. Airbags prevent full axle articulation. …