2005 Lexus GX470

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    First off – don’t hesitate to buy these. However if you must – call tech support as the employees use these products on their own rides and can help you understand how it will work with your vehicle..

    Last year I had to replace the rear air suspension in my GX470 due to multiple failures. Was a painful choice but not worth $6000 to replace at the dealer so chose a Bilstein kit with traditional coil springs. I ended replacing the front variable adjusting shocks with Bilsteins as well to have the suspension all up to date at the same time. After that I lost a lot of the comfor that came with the OEM suspension as well as losing the ride height control in the back. The GX470 tends to be heavier in the back than it’s 4Runner sibling due to the third seating row and I would find that under a load I would end up hitting my bump stops frequently which never happened with the air suspension. With the coil sumosprings that is history and I feel like I have my expensive OEM air suspension back!! I’ll list out a few things I have noticed and enjoy so far – happy to answer questions as I searched for a solution for a while before coming across this product.

    – Improved ride height in the rear where needed but even the front which I never had!
    – No nose dive, or rear sag on rapid acceleration or braking anymore
    – Better comfort over bumps/holes of all sizes at all speeds.
    – Feels like the expensive OEM air suspension at a fraction of the cost
    – Better stability cornering especially on high on-ramp curves
    – Better overall handling and stability

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    Alex Hodschayan

    Hey Ben,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this. I am glad to hear the results! Your situation and review here is something I know other potential customers will find helpful. The last two in your list was what I found as the “whoa” factor on my own vehicle. I was expecting some of the other features I know Coil SumoSprings provide, but the first time I went into a corner at fun speeds, I thought I had a performance sway bar installed!

    Thanks again,
    T.J. Miller

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    Khánh Vũ


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