After 8+ years, my Super Springs are like the day I bought them!

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    Around 8+ years ago (maybe a little longer) I purchased a set of Super Springs for my 2-wheel drive 1998.5 Dodge D2500 (3/4 ton) Cummins Diesel pickup truck, as this was the first year of the 24 valve Cummins engine in the Dodge trucks. If I remember correctly, I believe the set I purchased were rated at either 2000 or 2500 pounds, but now know they were the SSA22 stock number, which are rated at 2200 pounds. I have noticed, the ‘rollers’ which are at the bottom of each shackle are now ‘flat-spotted’ down to the bolt on both sides of my truck, both in the front and rear, but they still are working flawlessly!! The spring width of the OEM springs is 3″ wide. Earlier today, I was on the phone with TJ of Super Springs, in which he was most helpful. He is very knowledgeable about the complete line of products they offer and was able to help me. These Super Springs have worked flawlessly since purchasing them (and still do), as in the past years, I have pulled a 22 ft goose-neck flatbed trailer loaded with as much as 20,000 pounds and the Super Springs made my truck sit level whiloe pulling this trailer, instead of the rear of the truck sagging. I no longer pull trailers, but do have an custom built 3/16″ material thickness baffled aluminum 85 gallon fuel tank in the back bed of the truck which holds diesel fuel (built by JD Brands in Pahrump NV – look on eBay), as my truck still sits slightly higher than a stock D2500 would with this tank topped off, and the Super Springs helps tremendously with the handling of my truck. The fuel tank is now my main tank and the stock OEM fuel tank has been removed, as I top-off this tank regularly, especially when I come across diesel fuel at a reduced price. The place where the OEM tank was is going to hold an air receiver tank for a set of P3 Nathan Air-Chime horns (train horns) and will be installed where the spare tire once was. My truck also has a capper top over the bed, with a billet aluminum lockable Newton Flush-mount aviation type fuel filler neck in order to fill the fuel tank from the outside of the truck. Have just had the inline 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engine rebuilt by Robert Donalson of Donalson Diesel Performance just north of Tallahassee FL on US Hwy 27 (Phone: 229-221-0090), as it has 90 horsepower over stock fuel injectors, a set of BD Diesel towing compound turbo chargers, aftermarket ram-intake and 3-piece exhaust manifold, a FASS Fuel Pump, a Fluidampr harmonic balancer, an aftermarket AFE Blade Runner inter-cooler, the stock head bolts have been replaced with stronger ARP studs, the pistons are 0.020 oversized and have been de-compressioned (by machine work) and were ceramic coated, and the block and heads have been fire-ringed, in order to handle turbo-boost pressures up to 100 psi, an Edge controller box, a triple-pass custom built all aluminum radiator by Garth of TCP (Totally Cool Products) Performance in Rexburg Idaho (as these radiators cool 25% better than stock), a Flex-a-lite 262 dual electric fan set-up, a pair of the larger Yellow Top Optima Gel Batteries, a 250 amp aluminum billet Nations Alternator, custom made 4/0 battery and ground cables, a pair of DOT approved Rigid LED fog lights, a modified front brush-bar type bumper which holds a pair of Derale coolers for the transmission and both have electric fans, single wire hydraulic hoses which go from the transmission to the cooling fans, a replacement heavy duty SunCoast Automatic Transmission, torque converter, double deep oil pan, lock-up torque converter controller, highly modified valve body (by Ernie of SunCoast) which shifts very hard, a heavy duty flex-plate and the transmission has all of the goodies inside, heavy duty Spicer U-Joints, and an Air-Loc rear end with a set of 3.73:1 Yukon gears. I run 10 ply tires on the front (265-75R16) and on the rear of the truck (285-75R16). It has Amsoil synthetic oils and fluids throughout the truck. We guesstimate the truck has around 550 rear wheel horsepower with slightly over 1000 foot-pounds of torque (when needed) and gets around 23 miles per gallon at 60 mph when I keep my size 15 foot off the accelerator. I now am about to replace the rollers on the bottom of the shackles of the Super Springs, as when I go through a pot-hole or hit a bump in the road, I can hear the bolts which go through the roller rattle against the factory springs, being the rollers have worn flat while rubbing on the factory OEM springs. So you see, I believe in the best products I can find, and the Super Springs I have are no exception, as it was one of the first things I did when I purchased my truck, and they are still going strong! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

    Herbert Prince in Southeast Georgia

    October 28, 2016 at 12:11 pm #5023269762
    Alex Hodschayan

    That is a great truck! Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to hearing your review in another 8 years!

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