SumoSprings for Sprinter 3500 4×4 2016 (144 wheel base)

  • December 13, 2016 at 12:32 am #5023270041

    We recently installed the black SumoSprings on the Sprinter (front and rear). The friendly folks at SumoSprings asked what I thought of them. I replied with the feedback below. And when I did. They asked if I would share this on their forum and possibly help someone with a customers opinion. I gladly told them that I would. Below is not only the initial feedback. But also the conversation leading up to this forum post.

    “Having all four Sumos on seemed to “complete” the handling and feel of the ride. The front wheels no longer feel like they’re struggling with the duallies. Now it’s like all four wheels are cooperating and working together. It felt like we were driving the FJ Cruiser home.

    So far it’s snug, smooth and firm.

    Snug – because the overall handling is tighter and more confident. We ordered the van with the extra heavy duty front and rear axle.The van handled well enough before and didn’t seem to have that “roll” that the 2500 owners were reporting. But it often seemed almost “jerky” as if it didn’t know how to coordinate its own torque between the front and rear wheels. But now it feels like front and rear are working together.
    Smooth – generally everything is a smoother and much calmer ride.

    Firm – as expected with the medium Sumos but a firmness that feels more secure and gradual with no “extremes” (I’m glad since we will be adding some weight to the van). The only time the firmness was more noticeable and slightly uncomfortable was when going over a sequence of many small ridges that are close together in a section of highway at freeway speed. This I imagine will improve once we add more weight.

    But most noticeable is the absence of “a stiffness” that was always present and somewhat jarring at times (like driving an empty bobtail truck without good shocks or airbag suspension).

    Overall, it’s hard to articulate all the ways the Sumos seem to affect the suspension. I rode motorcycles for 35 years and have had approximately 37 bikes. Although I had faster, lighter and more nimble bikes, it was the Ducatis that I remember most and with fondness. They had a feel that was hard to describe but you look forward to riding it and never forget it. The Sumos remind me of that extra “something” in handling and feel that makes the driving experience better but hard to describe.

    The Sumos somehow fill in the gaps (big and little) that others may not. I imagine they aren’t the one and only fix to all suspension problems but they do provide a ride-handling experience that others may not be able to.

    This may all sound like a commercial but I have nothing but praise for the Sumos since they seem to have solved what I felt to be lacking in the 3500/144/4×4.”
    Here is the subsequent email:
    “Hi T.J.,

    I’m not sure that I may be of any help to anyone. Since most 3500 4×4 seem to be already loaded motorhomes and or on the 170 longer wheelbase. Ours is on the shorter 144 wheelbase and is presently empty. I am doing the conversion myself and won’t be putting in as much cabinetry as most conversions have. We would like to pursue more of semi off grid type of focus. And not add what we consider unnecessary weight like granite countertops etc. Our weight will be on auxiliary fuel tank, water tanks and batteries for solar panels and such.That’s one reason we chose the black (medium) Sumos because it gave us the flexibility to be able to add weight or keep it semi firm.
    But if I can be any help for someone that might fit that catagory. I’d be glad to help.”

    December 15, 2016 at 12:50 pm #5023270061
    Alex Hodschayan

    Thank you again for taking the time to detail this; and, for sharing it with our forum guests.

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