Installing a SumoSprings Builder Kit under vehicle

What are SumoSprings Builder Kits?

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So you’ve seen our products and you’re interested. But when you got to our website, you don’t see an application listed for your vehicle. What options do you have? In this article, we are going to explain why our SumoSprings builder kits may be an option for you. As you look to improve the journey, SumoSprings could be the right solution for your vehicle.

SumoSprings Builder Kit Assembly

First, a couple of notes on our Builder Kits…

When to Use a Builder Kit?

These are a way to add SumoSprings where we don’t have an application listed. Whether you are looking for a particular vehicle or you’re working on a custom build. The kits include only the spring and, depending on which one you select, one or two spacers. They don’t include any detailed installation instructions, bracketry, or hardware. Depending on the difficulty of your build, you may want to work with a specialist to create brackets or mounting options. We do recommend using Grade 8 hardware.

The second thing to note is that the builder kit is not a solution for everyone. There are may be vehicles where SumoSprings just aren’t the right fit. Now, we’re always adding applications and options for as many as possible. So, if the Builder Kit doesn’t work for your setup, keep an eye on our application listings for your vehicle.

Okay, so let’s look at the builder kits and what options there are for your unique application.

The size of Builder Kit SumoSprings

Currently, the SumoSprings in the builder kits are 5 inches tall and have a 4-inch diameter. Each kit comes with a steel mounting plate. Additionally, the option to include a single one-inch spacer or two of the one-inch spacers to stack. When installed, we recommend that the SumoSprings would have a half to one inch of space at ride height. If you’re not sure of your dimensions just yet, I suggest getting the kit with 2 spacers to help you get the fit right.

SumoSprings Part Number SFR-104-40
SumoSprings Part Number SFR-104-40

What are SumoSprings made of?

Like all our SumoSprings products, these are handmade from a micro-cellular polyurethane that will never require any maintenance and they come with a lifetime warranty. These are not rubber which means they perform differently. Each application and mounting be may different, but these are a progressive spring designed to increase load leveling support, reduce vibration and body roll, and soften harsh rebounds.

You can get each of these kits in blue, black, or yellow. Those colors signify the difference in the density of the spring. The blue is our lightest density, the black is our medium density, and the yellow is our heaviest density SumoSpring. For a closer look at the densities of our SumoSprings and which one is right for you, check out this video:

Hopefully this article has helped you better understand what our Builder Kits are and how they can be used in a variety of custom applications to make the journey better.

Check out this video where SSI President Adam Wesiner explains what SumoSprings Builder Kits are and if they are an option for you.

Use our application guide to see what we have for your vehicle.

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