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Five ways to make your work truck work!

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When it comes to getting work done, usually the most important tool isn’t an actual tool. It’s your truck. Manufacturers realize this, which is why light and medium duty work trucks are becoming more and more versatile. New features such as wider beds, closeable and lockable storage boxes, and reinforced frames increase production. These are some ways manufacturers are improving trucks intended for work. Here are five ways you yourself can get the most out of your work truck.


Trucks equipped with a crane, bucket trucks, tow trucks, are just a few examples of applications that would greatly benefit from SuperSprings. These steel leaf springs are anything but an ordinary helper spring. SuperSprings, the only self-adjusting stabilizing system, adjust as weight is applied to a vehicle. Do you have a tuck leaning one way or the other? Does your truck experience body roll while loaded? Get SuperSprings!


What about the work truck that doubles as the weekend warrior for the family? The truck that carries the load sometimes, but also carries the precious cargo. SumoSprings are designed to enhance load carrying ability, but just as importantly, improve the overall control, safety, and ride comfort. Rupture proof and 100% maintenance-free, SumoSprings are as versatile as it gets. Depending on the application, SumoSprings can also be used in conjunction with SuperSprings.

Coil SumoSprings

Manufactured from micro-cellular urethane (the same material used for SumoSpings), Coil SumoSprings are inserts that slide between the turns of the O.E. coil spring. Essentially, acting as a spring within the coil spring, Coil SumoSprings enhance ride comfort and even capacity. For trucks, the most common application is for the front end, as a complement to whichever kit is installed on the rear. Remember, suspension is a holistic system; the front end works together with the rear end – a complete suspension solution.


SuperCoils, a heavy-duty and long-term solution, replace worn sagging coils. Primarily, a front-end solution, the high quality steel and coil structure can completely revamp the suspension of a truck with traditional coil springs. Especially, ones equipped with add-ons such as winches, aftermarket bumpers, or plows. SuperCoils are a great work truck suspension solution for light duty pickups, such as the RAM 1500 and 2500 series, equipped with rear coil springs.


Need to fill the void? SuperSway-Stops are available for trucks equipped with top overload leaf springs and air springs. Once installed, they fill the void between the top overload springs and contact points, activating the top overload springs and providing additional stability. SuperSilent-Stops replace factory contact pads to help reduce sway and eliminate noise. Perfect for transportation applications.

Work is a part of everyday life for just about everyone. Sometimes we choose the work, other times we don’t. The way we get our work done however, is up to us. Now, what are you going to do to maximize the work your truck puts in?

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