F-150 Blue Rebel SumoSprings installed

The F-150 Airbag Alternative: Rebel SumoSprings

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The Ford F-150

America’s favorite vehicle has long been the product of a meticulous mixture of comfort, and durability. The Ford F-150 is built with the abilities of a light-duty pickup, but with all the features of a full-size truck. The ways in which Ford continues to improve and evolve it’s most popular model is unmatched. Such innovation calls for innovative parts that are not always original equipment, but an after-market add-on. SuperSprings International continues it’s effort to keep up with the latest and greatest by releasing one of our newest suspension solutions, the airbag alternative, the F-150 Rebel kit. 

Rebel SumoSprings the Airbag Alternative, on a F-150

Introducing the SSR-143-40-2

The SSR-143-40-2 Rebel is one of the most recent additions made to the SumoSprings line. This kit will fit the Ford F-150 from 2015 to present, both two-wheel and four-wheel drive models. With the Rebel as a staple in the daily lineup, we determined it was time for an F-150 application.

Designed with same sag-reducing, symptom-alleviating mindset as the rest of our products, this kit is surely able to handle all the of the extremes a truck like the F-150 can endure on a daily basis. The versatility of the closed cell micro-cellular urethane the SumoSprings are composed of is a technology that to put it simply; just makes sense. Not to mention the level of ease it takes to install this kit. With the blue Rebel now available for one of the most famous half-ton pickups ever produced, we offer an airbag alternative suspension solution as unique as each user’s needs and goals. 

The SSR-143-40-2 (3,000 lbs. at 50% compression) is a larger unit than the SumoSprings Solo kit that has been available as a bump stop upgrade for the F-150. More mass here, allows for a softer density to be used for better ride characteristics, loaded or unloaded. Compare this model to a smaller Solo kit that is made from a higher density (-47, -54). Did I say this kit is designed to be easily installed yet? 

“Where the Rebel will really shine, is on a truck that is being used to tow.” – Chad Bussanich, Engineering Manager

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Batman’s Utility Belt

Although these vehicles are equipped with superior towing capability in mind, this is where the Rebel pays for itself. Batman is still Batman without his utility belt right? Imagine for a moment though, a world (albeit a fictional world), with a Batman that doesn’t have any of his handy gadgets when the Bat symbol lights up the Gotham skyline. Without the Rebel, your truck is still Batman, just not utility belt-Batman. Great ride quality when empty; check! Towing support and load control when fully loaded; check! Plus, the installation is pretty much all nuts and bolts! No drilling, no modifications to be made, and no tools required. Besides your garden variety hand tools practically calling your name to be used. See, I told you it’s an easy install. 

Don’t take our word for it though, and do take a step further than seeing the difference. FEEL the difference with this airbag alternative! 

Use our application guide to see what we have for your vehicle.

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