Presence. Not presents.

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In modern English, the word journey refers to a trip without regard to the amount of time it takes. It’s ongoing, ever-changing, and focused on enhancing the experience for everyone involved. This is how we see our commitment as a company at SuperSprings International. We won’t cut corners or take short cuts to deliver results. We take the route with a view because we believe that experiencing that view allows you to be present along the way. It changes how you view the world. It changes how you view the people around you. It makes for a better journey. 

We live in a world that asks us every day to do things faster, more efficiently, and right now. We spend much of our time filling ourselves with information, consuming as much as our minds can handle. Deep thinkers in human history understood the need for the journey. For time to reflect, ponder, dream and wonder. 

As I stare out at the snow, I think about how much I love this season. During the fall and winter, things slow down. I spend more time reading, reflecting, and relaxing.  This energizes me in ways that nothing else can, and inspires deep thinking about life, work, and relationships. Mornings spent drinking coffee, putting a record on, and watching the snowfall while talking with my wife is life-giving. Board games with the kiddos and sitting by the fire. It’s all incredibly inspiring. 

a snowy street scene. photo by a.weisner
All photos taken by Adam Weisner using a canon AE1-P 35mm

I recently got into film photography, specifically 35MM. It’s been amazing to be present for every photo. You choose your lense and settings, find the shot you want, and snap. That’s it. No looking at it, no infinite scrolling of photos you may never look at again. You wait to have it developed and then experience the journey all over again. I remember every photo I’ve taken on my film camera. Those moments sit with me differently. That’s the journey. No regard to the amount of time it’s going to take. Just taking it all in. We all know what takes our minds away from things like this and what dominates our thoughts, time, and space every day. For most people it’s the same things. 

snow on leaves. photo by a.weisner

At SuperSprings International, our company slogan is “Journey Better”. This speaks not just to our commitment to literally design products that give our customers a better ride, but more holistically to our commitment to the experience. The experience of our employees, shareholders, customers, partners, and our communities. It’s one of the many reasons I love this company. There’s a real value placed on not just delivering a better journey with well-designed products, but for all of the people that the business has an impact on. 

Take time today to enjoy the moments. Slow down. Be present. That’s the gift.

Christmas tree. photo by a.weisner


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