SSI GROWS 42% IN 2021

There will be new application releases throughout 2022, as well as additions to the product lineup that will introduce SSI to brand new market spaces. Lamberti noted that, “innovation is our greatest asset. While leveraging SSI’s expertise with our USA made components, we continually broaden our array of suspension product lines by identifying, then satisfying, niche market needs. This is born from the great relationships that we foster with all our customers”.

In Q4 2021, SSI implemented a new leadership structure
read the press release here. This change was part of Weisner & Lamberti’s strategy to establish five business units, each obsessed with being the very best in their respective field. These business units’ leaders now report to Adam Weisner, Chief Commercial Officer, running the day-to-day business at SSI. Weisner continues to report to Gerry Lamberti, who remains the company Chairman and CEO.

"Our team stepped up to the plate and delivered incredible results... we expect 2022 to be another banner year” — Gerry Lamberti, CEO

2022 will continue to see SSI adding strong partnerships in the RV industry, as it did in 2021 when it added Coachmen Class C and Winnebago Class A motorhomes as standard equipment. There will continue to be a heightened focus on adding a trailer manufacturer as an OEM partner in 2022, with Trailer SumoSprings being the companies fastest growing product for the past two years. In addition, SSI has placed effort in deepening and growing partnerships with distributors throughout 2022.

Weisner comments, “partnering with the best distributors in the world continues to be a big focus for the company. In 2021, we saw rapid growth in this channel. Our distributor customers grew at a record pace, with our top customers growing more than 100% year over year.”

SSI has become well-known for its marketing efforts, making waves at the Florida RV Show in Tampa with its new tradeshow booth featuring a TV wall and touting its wealth of high-quality video content. Throughout 2022, the suspension manufacturer plans to release more video content as it drives the consumer demand for a better journey.

“2021 was a record year in the face of many challenges. Our team stepped up to the plate and delivered incredible results. We’ve focused on having the right people in the right seats, and we expect 2022 to be another banner year” concludes SSI CEO, Lamberti.


SuperSprings International will exhibit at various shows in 2022, most notably the NTEA Work Truck Show in March and SEMA in November.

About SuperSprings International
Incorporated in 1996, SuperSprings International (SSI) suspension solutions, used domestically and internationally, are manufactured at facilities throughout the U.S. and assembled at its headquarters in Carpinteria, California. SSI products are used as standard equipment in multiple industries including RV and commercial segments, and have applications for recreational vehicles including trucks, trailers, class A, B, & C motorhomes, Jeeps, and SUVs. SSI’s products include patented self-adjusting steel auxiliary springs, micro-cellular polyurethane springs, coil insert springs, replacement steel coil springs, overload stops, and installation tools. SuperSprings International has locations in California and Idaho. Additional information about SSI, its products, and press releases can be found at