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Coil SumoSprings are made from the same material as our other SumoSprings products – a micro-cellular polyurethane that decreases vibration, stabilizes sway, and tightens up your existing factory coils. This upgrade adds up to 30% additional capacity to your coils, creating a cushion effect and stopping unwanted dip and roll.

Please Note: SuperSprings International products are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with factory suspension. We cannot guarantee their compatibility with aftermarket products or parts. For questions about fitment on your specific vehicle, please contact us.

2024-02-06 17:37:55


John C Porter
2024-01-02 12:12:07

Very helpful when I had questions and I was impressed with knowledge and expertise of your staff. Shipping was on time. I have yet to install the sumo springs and plan to do some right after the new year

Stephen Haffly
2024-01-02 12:08:52

Shipping was quick. I have not had the opportunity to install them yet. I previously had purchased the rear SumoSprings for a 2010 Nissan Frontier. They made a huge difference in towing our trailer. I also purchased the SumoSprings for a tandem axle (axle over spring) trailer. While I don't feel it as much, I am sure they help as otherwise, there would be nothing other than the factory equalizer to help absorb the road bump stress. I have recommended SumoSprings to several people. I would not have done so if I did not feel that they were beneficial. I considered air bags, but wanted something without the complication of pumps and lines. These work well. Thank you for making a great product.

Jeffrey Lee
2024-01-02 12:02:24

Great product, already made a second purchase for my other vehicles

Boyd Henderson
2023-05-16 09:24:02

Took the endless bounce out of the suspension when pulling the boat. Truck will corner with much more confidence and less roll in the front end.

Ron Jardine
2022-10-25 10:42:35

Significant improvement in bounce improvements in brake response as well

David Jackson
2022-10-11 15:33:26

Great customer service whether it was answering my questions quickly via email or delivering my order to Australia in super quick time. Even when I had a problem with my order (my mistake) it was rectified pronto.

2022-05-31 15:56:47

Thank you guys for these unique products. I couldn't imagine being able to fit a 33.3" without any lift/level on my F-150. However, these Coil SumoSprings are far much better than any level in the market. The ride became different, with more stability at the front. They have eliminated the vibration on gravel terrain without deflating the tires.

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Product Specifications

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 7.25 × 4.5 in
Application(s) Summary

Dodge Intrepid 4 X 2 (1998-2004) ; Ford Bronco 4 X 2 (2021-2023) ; Ford Bronco 4 X 4 (2021-2023) ; Ford Expedition 4 X 4 (2006-2020) ; Ford Explorer 4 X 2 (2000-2010) ; Ford Explorer 4 X 4 (2000-2010) ; Ford F-150 4 X 2 (2004-2023) ; Ford F-150 4 X 4 (2004-2023) ; Ford F-150 Raptor 4 X 4 (2010-2014) ; Ford F-150 Raptor 4 X 4 (2017-2020) ; Ford F-250 Super Duty 4 X 2 (2011-2016) ; Ford Freestyle 4 X 2 (2005-2007) ; Ford Windstar 4 X 2 (1995-2003) ; Lincoln MKX 4 X 2 (2007-2014) ; Mitsubishi Montero 4 X 4 (2001-2001) ; Nissan Xterra 4 X 2 (2005-2013) ; Nissan Xterra 4 X 4 (2005-2013) ; Subaru Outback 4 X 4 (2004-2014) ; Volkswagen Touareg 4 X 4 (2010-2011) ; Chevrolet Colorado 4 X 2 (2015-2023); Chevrolet Colorado 4 X 4 (2015-2023); GMC Canyon 4 X 2 (2015-2023); Jeep Wrangler 4 X 2 (2018-2023); Nissan Frontier 4 X 4 (2005-2023)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



Coil capacity increased by 15% to 30%