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Coil SumoSprings are made from the same material as our other SumoSprings products – a micro-cellular polyurethane that decreases vibration, stabilizes sway, and tightens up your existing factory coils. This upgrade adds up to 30% additional capacity to your coils, creating a cushion effect and stopping unwanted dip and roll.

Please Note: SuperSprings International products are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with factory suspension. We cannot guarantee their compatibility with aftermarket products or parts. For questions about fitment on your specific vehicle, please contact us.

Jeffrey Lee
2024-01-02 12:03:03

Great product, already made a second purchase for my other vehicles

Louis Verenini
2023-10-03 09:21:03

They dampen road vibrations and help to settle the sprigs when they want to undulate.

Chris Sedlak
2023-03-14 09:33:35

Super easy to install. I can already feel the difference.

Paul Bates
2022-11-30 13:37:25

I’m pulling a Hardsided Popup camper with my compact SUV. It already towed well and looked fairly level when hitched. However, the tongue weight of the trailer, though inside of OEM factory specs for the hitch, caused the headlights to raise high enough to create a “false bright lights” effect with the low beams from other drivers at night and I was getting flashed occasionally when towing. I ordered a pair of these CSS-1125 coil sumosprings for the back axel coil springs. They gave me back about half an inch of the sag in the back, enough that I have not been “flashed” again while towing. It also improved a very good towing setup. When I’m on the freeway, I pretty much don’t notice the trailer back there. The ride is just slightly firmer in the back, but its still a perfectly comfortable ride. I followed the directions for ordering, crawled underneath the back of the level, parked car and measured the gap between the middle coils to indicate buying the CSS-1125. I had a shop do the install as I don’t have the ability to jack the entire rear end up. They were done in less than 1/2 hour and it cost me $60. The other halo benefit is that the ~1” of material cut off for the install is the most indestructible dog toy I’ve ever seen 😂

2019-03-31 19:24:59

So far so good! Noticeable "cushioned" rear-end response going over speed bumps and dips. Less sway driving thru typical curves. Also barely noticeable sag yet more comfortable ride while pulling 800Lb quad/trailer combo. Very easy install on stock 2017 Crosstrek. Lifted rear onto 2 jack stands allowing rear shocks/springs to be unsprung, removed both rear wheels, cleaned dirty springs with soapy water then used soap water plus mild force to push and slide product into place, marked the allowed overlap with small cut then removed product and trimmed excess with sharp gerber knife tool, inserted zip ties into pre-cut holes in product paying close attention to how I'd be tightening them, reinserted product onto spring ensuring zip ties stuck out. Eye-balled both springs to match each other, zipped, cut excess zip, and re-installed tires. I'm intimately familiar with this material so it should cost a bit less however I still recommend this product as alternative to stiffer springs...but it better last!

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Product Specifications

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 7.25 × 4.5 in
Application(s) Summary

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4 X 2 (1999-2006) ; Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD 4 X 2 (2005-2006) ; Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD 4 X 2 (2001-2003) ; Chrysler 200 4 X 2 (2011-2013) ; Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 X 2 (2001-2010) ; Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 X 2 (2001-2010) ; Ford Expedition 4 X 4 (2011-2012) ; Ford Explorer 4 X 2 (2013-2013) ; Ford Focus 4 X 2 (2011-2013) ; Honda CR-V 4 X 2 (2002-2015) ; Honda Odyssey 4 X 2 (1995-1998) ; Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 X 4 (1993-1998) ; Jeep Patriot 4 X 4 (2007-2013) ; Mitsubishi Outlander 4 X 2 (2005-2013) ; Mitsubishi Outlander 4 X 4 (2005-2013) ; Nissan Pathfinder 4 X 2 (2005-2013) ; Nissan Titan 4 X 4 (2004-2015) ; Scion tC 4 X 2 (2005-2013) ; Subaru Legacy 4 X 4 (2015-2019) ; Subaru Outback 4 X 4 (2015-2019) ; Subaru XV Crosstrek 4 X 4 (2013-2015) ; Toyota Prius 4 X 2 (2003-2009) ; Toyota RAV4 4 X 2 (2005-2013) ; RAM 1500 4 X 4 (2014; 2019-2023) ; Subaru Forester 4 X 2 (2013-2023) ; Subaru Forester 4 X 4 (2013-2023)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



Coil capacity increased by 15% to 30%