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SuperCoils are a variable-rate, heat-treated coil suspension upgrade built to create a better journey. This uprated spring is designed to add load-leveling capacity and remove sag & sway from your truck when loaded up and towing.

The SSC-31 has a coil capacity of 5,000 (lbs). This application does not lift the vehicle from stock ride height.

Please Note: SuperSprings International products are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with factory suspension. We cannot guarantee their compatibility with aftermarket products or parts. For questions about fitment on your specific vehicle, please contact us.

Justin Johnson
2022-07-18 20:02:51

These springs will not work on a stock truck. The supersprings site, Amazon, and anywhere else I've read indicate that these springs will remove the sag from old springs. I chose these over the ssc-30s as I didn't want a lift. Drop brackets to fix the positive camber they've created only exist from one manufacturer and cost over $600. The site says several weeks before shipping the ssc-30s so I may just suck it up and buy a different brand.

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Product Specifications

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 16.25 × 13 × 7.25 in
Application(s) Summary

Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty 4 X 2 (1999-2002) ; Ford E-450 Super Duty 4 X 2 (2003-2017) ; Ford F-250 4 X 2 (1980-1999) ; Ford F-250 HD 4 X 2 (1997-1997) ; Ford F-250 Super Duty 4 X 2 (1999-2016) ; Ford F-350 4 X 2 (1980-1997) ; Ford F-350 Super Duty 4 X 2 (1999-2016)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



5000 (lb) Coil Capacity