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  • SumoSprings Part Number SSR-612-47
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Rear SumoSprings are a maintenance-free suspension enhancement built to create a better journey. Handmade from micro-cellular polyurethane, they are designed to reduce rear-end sag and increase load carrying ability while decreasing vibration, stabilizing sway, and softening harsh rebounds. 

The SSR-612-47 has a 1,800 lb capacity when compressed at 50%. The Black SumoSprings shouldn’t be compressed past 65% of their original height in order to keep full memory rebound.

Please Note: SuperSprings International products are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with factory suspension. We cannot guarantee their compatibility with aftermarket products or parts. For questions about fitment on your specific vehicle, please contact us.

Blair Wrigley
2024-04-02 09:55:33

They made the suspension feel more responsive and raised the body sag.

Kenneth Taulbee
2024-02-27 09:15:03

The ride (unloaded) is a bit stiffer and I don't mind that at all. I will be pulling 5500lbs with a weight distribution hitch. An RV employee recommended SumoSprings to help level my truck. The install was easy and took all of (maybe) 15 minutes.

Miguel Ramos
2024-02-06 17:47:11

I love this litle guys they work really good on the suspencion because you don't feel anything is so smooth

Parker Lathem
2023-10-25 10:07:49

I purchased these to help level out my squatted rear end after installing a camper shell and decked system. I have run these sumo springs for 3 years and almost 100,000 miles, and couldn’t be more impressed. Recently, I noticed one of the springs had suffered damage, and I snapped a pic and sent in a warranty claim. Within 30 MINUTES of their office opening the next morning, I had an email saying that a new set was being sent my way. With as much cheap garbage as there is today on the market, a high quality brand selling high quality products is pretty rare. And SuperSprings is one of the rare exceptions. I’ll be a lifetime customer.

Mark Elkins
2023-02-03 09:18:31

Excellent products. Fairly simple to install. Very happy with results. Will very likely purchase these products for any future vehicles

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Product Specifications

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 7.25 × 4.5 in
Application(s) Summary

Toyota Tacoma 4 X 2 (2016-2023); Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 4 X 2 (2016-2022) ; Toyota Tacoma 4 X 4 (2016-2023) ; Toyota Hilux 4 X 2 (2016-2023) ; Toyota Hilux 4 X 4 (2016-2023) ; Toyota Hilux Revo 4 X 2 (2016-2021) ; Toyota Hilux Revo 4 X 4 (2016-2021) ; Nissan Frontier 4 X 2 (2016-2023) ; Nissan Frontier 4 X 4 (2016-2023) ; Isuzu Dmax 4 X 2 (2013-2021) ; Isuzu Dmax 4 X 4 (2013-2021)

Spring Diameter


Spring Height



1800 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression