Blue Front SumoSprings for 4Runner

SumoSprings Bump Stop Replacement for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

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Original post by Eric Keller of Trail4runner OVERVIEW, INSTALL & IMPRESSIONS If you’ve been around Trail4Runner for a while, you’ve probably seen Brenan’s intro article of the SumoSprings by SuperSprings International. In that article, he showed you their awesome new rear bump stops and coil spacers. Fast forward a few months, and now SuperSprings has released a bump stop for the front of our Toyotas to …

Blue SumoSprings Flip Kit installed on Toyota Tacoma

U-Bolt Flip Kit with SumoSprings for 2nd and 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

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Original post by Konrad Chojnowski of TrailTacoma BLUE SUMOSPRINGS BUMP STOPS FOR 2ND & 3RD GEN TACOMA – STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION GUIDE, REVIEW & OVERVIEW Lift kits are definitely a rad upgrade. But usually, they are only part of the battle to dial in your truck. A shiny new suspension is awesome – but there are other important parts that complement and continue to improve …

Blue SumoSprings sitting on SuperSprings International box

A Guide to Rear Bump Stops for Toyota Tacomas

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Original post by Travis Clayton of TrailTacoma SUMOSPRINGS PROGRESSIVE MICRO-CELLULAR URETHANE REAR BUMP STOPS FOR 3RD GEN TACOMA – “THEY’RE SUPER!” We all know that certain parts or modifications that we do to our Tacomas are out of necessity. And not just because they are flashy and look cool. Sometimes you don’t even get to see the parts unless you go crawling around under …