Coil SumoSprings on Mercedes Metris

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    My 2016 Metris is a cargo version that is shelved and carries a constant load of my work equipment. Going in, I knew I was going to be close to the maximum weight capacity and after hitting the scales recently, I came in at 6560 lbs – just under the 6724 GVWR.

    Overall, it was fine but – understandably – it was riding a little low in the back, would occasionally hit the bump-stops when crossing speed bumps or dips in the road and was a little ‘squishy’ on the highway. Initially, I thought maybe the addition of some airbags in the back would be the solution but after doing a little research, I was encouraged by finding SuperSprings Coil SumoSprings at

    It looked to be an easy install and really affordable – and even better – they are based about an hour from me.

    I emailed them on Monday and they set up an appointment for Wednesday morning. I went in thinking that while they do products for Sprinters, (that’s how I found them by searching for Sprinter suspension products) that they would take a look at my Metris and then figure out if/how they could build a product for it and then I’d go back at some point. That was my best-case scenario.

    Instead, I rolled in to their facility in Carpinteria, CA at 9am and rolled out less than 90 minutes later with a truck that has been raised in the rear by over an inch and is MUCH more stable to drive with a full load. It’s a huge difference.

    The only little hitch was that originally, the SumoSprings were installed without zip-tying them in place. I’m told this is the usual approach and is rarely an issue. In my case, after leaving SuperSprings, I pulled into a driveway at a pretty extreme angle causing one side of the rear suspension to fully extend and the other to fully compress. This resulted in one of the SumoSprings coming out. I’m not convinced I could do this again if I tried and it was the crazy angle of things that allowed it to happen – but I wheeled back to SuperSprings and they put it back in, zip-tied everything and I was back on the road.

    Now – it’s been about 24 hours and I only have about 100 miles on them, but I can already tell that it rides SO much better.

    If you carry a constant load and want to raise the rear end back near original height and stop the “bobble-head” floating feel on the highway, I’d suggest you take a look at SuperSprings Sumo Springs. I installed 2 of #1195 on each spring (4 Sumo’s, total) and they list for only $174/pair. They look to be easily self-installed if you have a floor jack and a little patience – otherwise any mechanic can put em in. One other benefit – they don’t affect the warranty. An airbag install would have been much more labor intensive, more expensive and would probably mess with the warranty.

    My dad always told me to try the cheap fix first – I’m hoping that this gets it done for me. And if by some crazy reason it doesn’t work in the long run, it’s easily removed and I don’t have much cash in it anyway.

    Disclaimer: I have no association with SuperSprings other than being a (so-far!) very satisfied customer and wanted to post this to hopefully help others that may have the same issue I had. I have a longer road-trip planned for next week and I’ll report back upon return.

    UPDATE: I now have a trip from LA to Vegas on them and I’m still impressed. Exactly what I was looking for – no bobble-head feeling on the highway anymore!

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    Alex Hodschayan

    Great! Thank you for the detailed review.

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