SumoSprings – Truck Camper Quick Tips

  • July 31, 2018 at 9:20 am #5023283868

    The weight of my Arctic Fox truck camper required that I increase my truck’s load capacity.

    First, I want to share my appreciation for the staff at Supersprings International, Inc. The Receptionists, Customer Support – Mac, Tracey, and Marketing Coordinator – Peter and their Engineering Staff. When you call SuperSprings, you will talk to the receptionist who will route your call to the proper department. I was certainly impressed by their courtesy and patience to listen to the customer before providing their recommendations.

    Before contacting Customer Support, I suggest using their well-designed and easy to use Application Guide. Then ask your questions to confirm which products best meet your needs. Have your vehicle VIN number handy too!

    For my needs, the Staff at SuperSprings recommended:
    SuperSprings SSA15, and SumoSprings Rear SSR-201-47-2.

    I wanted to avoid air bags. The progressive SumoSprings Rear SSR-201-47-2 gave me that choice. (I didn’t want another system that may need servicing or a repair while on the road, especially if my wife wanted to go solo, or to take one of our grandkids camping.)

    My Professional Mechanic, who is familiar with SuperSprings International, Inc. as well as other suspension helper companies, told me I made a sound decision going with SumoSprings because of their progressive dampening design. For my application, the SumoSprings progressive design will perform better, and give me a more comfortable ride, loaded or unloaded.

    In the event of a Return/Exchange situation, SuperSprings handles the situation professionally!

    I don’t not have any reservations recommending SuperSprings International, Inc.

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