• April 3, 2019 at 10:02 am #5023292561

    I installed my springs right after I received them & here is my feedback:
    • They were quite easy to install – instructions were quite straight forward
    • They did not lift up the backend of my truck when unloaded (just what I wanted)
    • They did lift the backend of my truck when I hooked up the toyhauler
    • I did not have to put as much pre-load on the weight equalizing hitch to attain a level stance (which had a positive effect on handling)
    • This positive effect on load handling caused my lights to shine on the road & not up in the sky
    • Overall I feel more stable & in better control while driving after installing the springs
    Overall I’m quite pleased with the cost/benefit ratio & would recommend them to friends.
    There are a lot of truck drivers in Arizona & I think it would benefit you if you had a few dealers in the area, or at least a sales rep to promote the product. People need to know that in some situations these are as good as adjustable air bags, & a lot less expensive.



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