Toyota 4Runner with SumoSprings front and rear

The Best SumoSprings Front and Rear Kits for Your RV

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Combo kits – the whole solution from top to bottom

It’s common to address the rear-end sagging of your truck or SUV, but are you addressing the weight transfer that’s now moving to the front and causing dip, roll, and sway? Adding the SumoSprings Front and Rear kits to your vehicle ensure you get the best journey regardless of adding weight and towing.

Sprinter Van with SumoSprings front and rear

What is a SumoSprings combo kit?

What suspension upgrade you depends on the way you’re going to use your vehicle. From overlanding, to towing a trailer with your truck, so adding a rooftop tent on your Subaru, we’ve got solutions. It’s often the case that folks look to address the rear end sag – we’re a big fan of this but what is overlooked is the weight transfer that moves to the front your vehicle as a consequence.

In most instances, if we’ve got a rear fix for sag and sway, we’ve got the front suspension solution for your vehicle too. Sometimes we’ve created a single part number for those kits, and in other cases it’s as simple as adding both the front and the rear sumosprings kits to your cart before checkout.

Ram ProMaster Front and Rear SumoSprings

Why do I need front and rear SumoSprings?

It’s not just a ploy for us to get you to buy more. There’s some high benefit from having an upgraded suspension on all four corners of your vehicle.

When you address the rear wight capacity you take out rear-end sag and roll, but what you create is a weight transfer that now moves to the front of your truck or SUV that your existing OE suspension is left to handle. That often means increased front-end dip, roll, and bottoming out.

Where this is particularly true is with the Ford F53 gas motorhomes as well as the Class B and C vans. That’s why partners like Tiffin, Roadtrek, Thor, Airstream, Coachmen, Winnebago, and Fleetwood all use our products both front and rear as standard equipment.

RAM ProMaster Thor Teller SumoSprings Front and Rear

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What SumoSprings do I need?

We’ve tried to make it as simple as we can for you with our vehicle search tool. Using this will give you exactly what suspension upgrades are available for your vehicle.

For a closer look at what SumoSprings vs. Supersprings, the meaning of the SumoSprings colors, and how they stack up against airbags and other rubber bump stops, check out the rest of our blog posts.

There’s also a wealth of video content on YouTube of customers adding front and rear kits – try searching SumoSprings or SuperSprings on YouTube and see what others are doing.

Check out this video for a look at Tiffin adding SumoSprings suspension front and rear to their Ford F53 Class A motorhomes.

Use our application guide to see what we have for your vehicle.

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