SumoSprings vs SuperSprings

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What are they? What’s the difference?  And what do you need?   Here’s an overview of the key differences between the steel SuperSprings helper spring and the SumoSprings airbag alternative. This will give you a better idea of what’s best for your particular application or build. What are SuperSprings? SuperSprings are a bolt-on steel helper spring designed to add spring rate to …

Which color SumoSpring is right for you?

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The meanings of the colors (densities) One of the most common things we get asked about SumoSprings is the meaning of the colors and why it makes a difference to the application. Spoiler alert, we’re here to tell you what it all means. Introduction The SumoSprings airbag alternative isn’t rubber. This suspension solution is made from micro-cellular polyurethane which means it never requires any maintenance and …

Toyota 4Runner with SumoSprings front and rear

The Best SumoSprings Front and Rear kits

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Combo kits – the whole solution from top to bottom It’s common to address the rear-end sagging of your truck or SUV, but are you addressing the weight transfer that’s now moving to the front and causing dip, roll, and sway? Adding the SumoSprings Front and Rear kits to your vehicle ensure you get the best journey regardless of adding …